HIS dream is to live an adventure like oden did and he can't do nothing like that with the mugiwara. Oden and Roger went do Skypiea, water seven, tequila wolf, fishmen island, they had an adventure. How many months will yamato spend with the mugi? 2, 3 maybe lol
She literally said she wants to do it with Luffy, and Luffy already said he plans to travel around the world again some day
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Wait, this is fucking hilarious. My dumbass finally read up on what subversive affirmation is, and it's totally what Oda's doing here, to me.

Carrot and Yamato fans are both being subversively affirmed.

Oda is trying to convince Carrot fans that she's going to rule over the kingdom.

Oda is trying to convince Yamato fans that she's going to leave, when she's going to say she's staying... only then to leave a bit later.

Yeah, Oda is the king of subversion, just look how Kaido was defeated :kriwhat: