Which WAIFU is superior

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That's why his hints are super obscure lol.

They can be taken pretty much anyway you want them to lol.

The Nika hint made me laugh in hindsight.
Yeah it's just hints. The Police can't trade the hints because no one can decode them for shit. But it's still HINTS. It's not like Vegapunk has to leak the whole damn chapter. Just one or two emotes to show that he actually has access to the chapter :catpole:
he posted the chapter title i think..."surise " or some shit idk
Edit: on second thought it was "what a good time to be alive" i think
What're did you get that 'surise' from?

I dunno. The Zoro fans become Sanji fans might as well be a reference to Sanji carrying Zoro's cross.
Dunno about the "infuse with the Phoenix" or "restore balance to the World"
What draft??! Haven't heard anything about it