Which WAIFU is superior

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Such a pathetic wishful dream lol.
You do not even dream about Sanji being strong, you just hope for Zoro being weak as Sanji.

But reality is different...

Zoro raped and oneshotted Full Body CoA Pica, while Sanji got defeated in a kick fight by Full Body CoA Vergo... Vergo who wasn't even using his CoA, lol to think how much Vergo was holding back, and still Sanji admitted defeat.

Zoro defended himself from an Admiral (even pushing him back) and gained his praise for his strength, while Sanji got raped by Doflamingo in ten seconds lol.

Zoro joined his captain to fight two Yonko, protected and saved his captain so many times, and after blocking and then tanking a move with the combined strength of two Yonko still had enough strength left to wound and scar a Yonko in a 1vs 1 without any external involvement or help.
Sanji against a Yonko can only bake a cake, canonically, lol. And fail even at that, lol.

And now Sanji is fighting Queen... someone that Zoro looked down, didn't think as worth his time and basically cucked down with a mere flick of his sword.

B-but the wingssss... :milaugh:

Lol Luffy is Roger, Zoro is Rayleigh, Sanji is Gaban.
No one even dares to compare Gaban with Rayleigh and Roger.