Rockstar was shown again on a coverstory looking pretty swole lol.

And Mihawk literally has no alternative in the coming war. He's not a Shichibukai anymore. Might as well ally with Shanks while they pursue their goals. Otherwise, he's just an isolated fight machine for zoro. He needs to be tied to some faction moving forward.

Hence my reasoning for why Ben isn't Zoro's counterpart here. Mihawk clearly is closer to Shanks' equal than Ben
Rockstar is the Usopp of Shank's crew
Shanks and Mihawk would be allies like Luffy and Law if anything. It wouldn't make him Zoro's counterpart in Shanks's crew, just third party.
I'm just specifying that even if they are allies, it's an associated group.

Let's say, hypothetically Shanks vs Luffy happens and Mihawk was allied. Let's also say it's the last fight in the series. You'd expect Zoro to fight Mihawk while Sanji fights Beckman, no?