I'm just specifying that even if they are allies, it's an associated group.

Let's say, hypothetically Shanks vs Luffy happens and Mihawk was allied. Let's also say it's the last fight in the series. You'd expect Zoro to fight Mihawk while Sanji fights Beckman, no?
Either Zoro fights Ben beforehand or Ben fights an ally. Sanji would fight Roux or whoever is Shanks's YC2.
He said that in answer to Queen because, like I said, he was their focus and not the SHs, and how can you say that he could get up there if he wanted when he had to toss Zoro up there precisely because he couldnt get through?!
he said that he wasnt interested in going to the rooftop much before that panel. he tossed zoro up there because he's of much better use down here where he can use his flames to stop the ice oni virus from spreading and to hold back king and queen. do you realize how much bad the situation at the roof top would be had king or queen made their way up there?

here is further proof that he was holding back his flames while he was fighting king and queen at the same time. look at when he asks chopper to hurry up with the virus so that he can get his flames that he used on the ice oni virus back.

chopper even thanks him for this moment of respite that he got him with his flames.

a nerfed marco could hold back king and queen for a good while. he wouldnt have been useful against the yonko since he's using his part of his flames downstairs but he is stronger than most yc1 due to which he can hold off two ycs solo even without a part of his flames.

And my point about his power isnt about how it enhances his strength, its about how broken his regen is, take Orochi for example who's is a weakling but was able to survive being decapitated multiple times, or how Cracker was holding back Gear 4. Marco holding back 2 commanders serves more to show how broken his powers are and not how weak King and Queen are, King could be straight up equal to him in all regards EXCEPT regen, or he could even have stroner armament but it doesnt matter agaisnt Marco
this is like saying blackbeard wouldnt be a yonko without his two devil fruits. with or without his fruit, fact is marco is probably among the strongest yonko commanders out there. id place only benn beckman above him due to portrayal.