Kaido vs Luffy
King vs Zoro
Queen vs Sanji
The top and most important fights, I doubt King or Queen going down before we not witness Kaido flashback.
Kinda ask myself, is their a possibly that Luffy,Zoro and Sanji losing their first round and it end in a disaster(chapter 1031)?
How the forum would react if Luffy(again),Zoro and Sanji could lose their battle?
Something tells me Luffy won't (just seems awfully set up for him to now fight Kaido for 30 chapters), but I can 100% see Zoro and Sanji "losing" this chapter with hints to their powerups.

Reason for this is they should earn that level of growth Luffy achieved with his fight with Katakuri. Luffy lost to Kata technically at first, then came back and won. It's on fair that these 2 fights last somewhat longer than normal battles. They shouldn't take 2 chapters. If Oda dedicates this chap to them fighting and potentially on the floor by the end, that's hype for the calamities and like 2.5 chapters dedicated to these battles (half of 1022, most of 1023, 6 pages of of 1027, all of 1028) and no signs of it ending yet. Plus, King/Queen/Zoro/Sanji were fighting earlier than this, so it's impressive how much Oda dedicates to them
You can't edit anything on Twitter after posting and even this tweet is from before the spoilers came out. :seriously:
Thats the whole point, he posted something before spoiler came out and edited it later so it would look like he posted it before everybody. And yes you can edit Twitter posts when you are a fraud. It's scientifically proved.