Best Sanrio Character (Choose Wisely)

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CoC: Color of Clowns

No arms, nor legs. Four limbs, all blades.
1074: The Biggest Bird

-Law is about to pass out, him and Blackbeard are both bleeding heavily
-The ground under Blackbeard breaks apart, then pulls Teach up
-Fujitora's sword clashes with Blackbeard's fist: "Sorry, but, I need ta take that young man back to my superior, since I caused a few problems back in Dressrosa."

-Morgans is about to print another story, when CP0 Blueno opens a door with Kalifa
-A few minutes later, and Jabra approaches Morgans balloon using Geppo
-Jabra finds Blueno and Kalifa bloody and unconscious
-Jabra sweats, while Morgans grins: "If you had sent Stussy, I would have had some problems."
-Textbox: "World's Strongest Bird: Big News Morgans. Master of CoO Haki.