Best Sanrio Character (Choose Wisely)

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Or Shanks had to turn off his conquerors haki ( for what reason:kobeha:) against Mihawk or even Mihawk is a hakiman ( and obviously a swordsman) :kayneshrug:, Oda is simply inconsistent about the concept of swordsman
Does anyone really think we will see the conclusion of Shanks vs Kid, it will obviously be offscreened just like Law vs BB.
If Shanks does something this chapter it will not be the end of the fight.
Some users wanted to use that fight to push BM > Shanks, turn out they will have to argue how BM can push Shanks past mid diff :kayneshrug:
Yeah, now there's a good argument that Shanks might low diff Big Mom... Tbh, I always thought that no top tier can mid diff the other one but with this... I don't know how powerlevels are even debatable at this point. It makes no sense whatsoever.

That's why I detest OP powerscaling nowadays.