Best Sanrio Character (Choose Wisely)

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Kidd wouldhave fought a bit longer if he knew how to use advCoC. Those that lack advCoC coating will be smacked when hit with it. Like Luffy was. When he learnt it, he went toe to toe and ultimately be the victor.
Yes and that was my hope for this fight
Luffy unlocked his adv CoC during his fight against Kaido
This would’ve been the perfect opportunity for Kidd
Yeah, now there's a good argument that Shanks might low diff Big Mom... Tbh, I always thought that no top tier can mid diff the other one but with this... I don't know how powerlevels are even debatable at this point. It makes no sense whatsoever.

That's why I detest OP powerscaling nowadays.
Shanks can mid diff Kaido according to the leaks smh