Best Sanrio Character (Choose Wisely)

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Pew confirmed Kizaru is still scrapping with luffy so Gorosei old dude used his awakening before Kizaru and Kizaru is fighting Luffy and GOrosei probably sanji ???
Admirals W right there .
Despite Kizaru's speed, he still couldn't finish the mission, he lost control of the pacifistas, and if pacifistas doesn't evolve, they will be at a disadvantage.
When the full episode comes, we'll see if he'll get involved in Luffy's battle.
- Luffy vs Kizaru, Kizaru creates another batch of clones.
- Meanwhile, the real body moves to where Lucci and Zoro are fighting. Kizaru oneshots Zoro and asks Lucci to take care of rest of the strawhats.
- Luffy vs Kizaru resumes
- Vegapunk reaches where Bonny is

- Saturn takes control of pacifistas and asks them to attack Vegapunk
- In an amazing double spread, we see all pacifistas being taken out one by one at a blazing speed by something invisible
- Chapter ends with panels of Saturn looking surprised and transforming into something monstrous
Looks pretty accurate