Theory One piece world is flat

OMG, what am i reading till now? I get that OP world is round based on manga. Is a ball 2D? Is a ball 3D? Is ball is the same as circle?
Hmm, i'll try to read three piece.
Its just a test, whoever believes in Oharan knowledge of Sphere Earth in OP and denies WG will go straight to hell of Imu Sama for eternity and whoever stands firm to WG knowledge of flat earth will be victorious and Imu Sama will send them to heaven :happinesspunch::finally::happinesspunch:
Thats where Garp comes in and says you were all misunderstanding WG and Imu Sama :stop: you fools of ancient don't understand languague of ancients very well :Dr.Killer:
let me interpret it differently and prove Imu Sama meant it is both Flat and Sphere and since its knowledge of Imu Sama then in future if Earth turned out to be Cube like then Imu sama mean Flat, Sphere and Cube like :datas: