One Piece x Pokemon

My dear "Africans", I'm happy that after two years I can share this video with you.
Which One Piece characters would have which Pokemon? Since I've asked myself this question many times, I started working on this video. It took so long because I had to wait for the manga and anime to reach a certain point. I waited 3 more weeks hoping there would be more Pokémon to be released that I can add, but now I'm just running out of patience. It's a shame, but I don't wait until January.

Anyone who is familiar with both One Piece and Pokemon will surely notice that I paid a lot of attention to this video project. I had to leave out a lot of the characters from One Piece because otherwise the video would have been too long. These include, for example, fighters from the Colosseum and Big Mom pirates. With others, I just had no idea what Pokémon to give them; like Gan Fall or Enel's priests. Other characters should have been there, but to this day I know too little about their strengths and abilities. So Vice Admiral Tsuru, Stussy and Gion should be part of the video. Gion should have owned a shiny Mega Lopunny. I also had ideas for mysterious characters like Xebec (Eternamax Eternatus) or Im (Arceus). Unfortunately we have not yet reached Elbaf either, otherwise I would have liked to have added Gerth with her Gigantamax Lapras.

The hardest part for me was actually Luffy. It took me a long time to think about which Pokemon to give him. It was important that it should be a team with different types. Both Dragonite and Lucario were at the top of the list because for me they are kind of typical main character Pokemon. I almost took Slaking into the team, too, which I preferred to give Garp, who previously had a Kommo-o as his strongest Pokemon. One issue has been the strength level of characters like Whitebeard who are no longer in their prime. But Pokemon don't get weaker as far as I know, which means that in this universe Whitebeard at Marineford has to be stronger than in Oden's Flashback. Overall, however, I am still satisfied with the video and happy to have finally finished with it.