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With the Gorosei at Egghead, Cp0 and Kizaru, all of them at the news...

I wonder why hasnt Doffy appeared laughing.

Knew he was gonna appear 😍😍😍😍
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You know Doffy is the real boss when he is literally seeing the tv with the top Jailer hahahahah.

At this point I wouldn't be surprised that Magellan is his ally and will the one who will free him.

Doffy the real MVP will get out of Impel Down walking calmly
The Empire was already a united Tamriel and the Aldmeri

1. Defeated the Empire
2. Controlled them

Literally the Thalmor will actually leave Skyrim if the Stormcloaks win the civil war lol. They could only maintain a hold over Skyrim via Imperial influence. Hence why the Thalmor outwardly support the Empire winning the war.

Also Hammerfell is independent and the Thalmor can’t do shit to Hammerfell lol. Hammerfell and and Independent Skyrim would ally in a mutual desire to not be controlled by the Thalmor.

Also, the Dragonborn is so powerful that whatever the Dragonborn wants to happen will happen. If the Dragonborn tells the Thalmor to bend over and get fucked, they will ask how hard or die lol.
There's documents in the Thalmor Embassy that say that the civil war in Skyrim benefits them.
That alone convinced me to side to with the Empire, because I'm not about to help them divide and conquer and let them have what they want.
The only reason they havent destroyed the Empire in the first war is because they couldnt, and Titus Mede's dumb ass was too hasty with signing the White Gold Concordat.

If the Empire loses Skyrim after losing Hammerfell, it will only weaken further, and at that point the Thalmor will be able to just swoop in and take Cyrodiil and commit genocide against humans there to restore their twisted version of Ayleid reign, then they will turn their gaze towards Skyrim and Hammerfell who are both alone now dealing with rebuilding + internal issues and they will stomp them mercilessly.
Even better for the Thalmor is if some provinces start fighting each other over ancient border disputes that were frozen since Reman's Empire.

The Thalmor would win their divide and conquer agenda and every province is getting smashed then absorbed, one by one.

Dragonborn is out of commission after becoming a servant to Herma Mora like Miraak.
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Lucci- top high tier
Kizaru - mid top tier
Saturn- mid top tier
Topman - upper-mid top tier

Luffy low diffed Lucci in 3 moves
he has fought 3 top tiers and hasn't lost any round!
Beat Kizaru in round 1 in one blow, dominated Saturn and Kizaru in 1v2 (kizaru got taken out again)

Topman is legit the only Gorosei with CoC and FA/yonko portrayal so far
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Wow this make senses

Which makes my other post about Imu being like Indra and Joyboy being Ashura from Naruto verse
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Joyboy was a giant, Imu is smaller than Joyboy strawhat
Maybe...their mom was a human
Thus Joyboy might be a buccaneer and Imu ended up being a human like in size
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