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How is fur stopping Saturns spike thing - shit makes no sense.
Weak trio no haki, no eye diff, no danger for Robin.
This story has no danger feeled.
VP spotting on Void century. Imu do care as mich as "...".

Thats why Dragon do not move, he knows there is no Danger except for plot sometimes thats why he failed for Kuma.
Now u know what Oda did to Zoro and Sanji bruv, its for the plot but people are gonna act different:josad:
No. I am not talking about that. Infact ofcourse it was done for both of them but not as many times as Oda did for Luffy not to this level. Atleast they will not think that inferior haki attack will work after advanced version failed. And it is not as if Luffy was excused from bashing lol.
All we needed was Demon mode Bananji :josad:
If Ousen just used 1 tactic like "Iron Wall" or whatever and Shibashou overcame it with Instincts or might or whatever this arc would have been goated and only cost 1 more chapter
Don't mention Ousen. God I was never so mad at Kingdom. Just give us Tou or anyone else and don't show us Ousen for at least 2 years. Fuck him. @Lee Ba Shou @SakazOuki @TheKnightOfTheSea
Luffy has reactivated his Gear 5 with the magical food of the giants.

Also, the old robot is going to come into play.

Kizaru's sacrifice doesn't seem necessary at this point.:kriwhat:
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