One Punch Man 156


I Can Go Higher
The enemy Blast is fighting must be pretty formidable. Blast is sweating and got bruise on his face.
We got a hint that he fought "God" in this chapter with him saying "I was barely keep him at bay".

and yes based on Blast condition, he still not on God Level.

He also got companion in other universe means other strong villains (stronger than platinun sperm) also exist.

Light D Lamperouge

𝕴𝖑𝖑 𝕺𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖉
It's as fast as base Ringuring from the DHT Blocker arc in D666.
And that's fodder speed for D666.

Yeah so if it was 24x LS before n
It wasn't 24 tho. At the end he said

tl;dr the calc for Garou and PS's speed ends up being about 1.370 ~ 2.055 times the speed of light on average, at the minimum. Since they were accelerating throughout the fight, their ending velocity should be much more than that. with a maximum of 2.740 ~ 4.110 times the speed of light.

Edit: I forgot about the areas which the paths might overlap, which means their speed are actually probably 1.5-2x faster. So about 2.055 ~ 4.110 times the speed of light.

Edit: crap I forgot that most of the lines (like 90%) traced out actually happened in the last 2 microseconds/0.2 millisecond. The result should probably be multiplied by 13/2 * 90% lol. So about 12.022 ~ 24.044 times the speed of light
If you take any of those numbers and divide them by a hundred it's still at least 13 x the speed of light to 240 times the speed of light.