One Punch Man Chapter 146 : Back Up

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This had me lol for real.

Anyway, I wasn't expecting Garou so soon. I don't know what to think of it lol. The art is amazing, but it's probably not what I was imagining it would be. And he kinda appeared too soon.

This imo looked more menacing and probably what I had in mind too.
He hasn’t reached his final form yet or atleast shouldn’t have, not this early. So that isn’t a design set in stone. Its possible Murata has something a bit different in place when Monster Garou fully awakens.
i think garou show up is too fast n black sperm tsunami? did he just wasted away his life to face heroes n sword councils?
smug homeless emperor became so annoying can,t wait his defeat in hero hands lol (sorry almost spoiler webcomic)