One Punch Man Chapter 148 : The Line

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Lazy is the way
So Bang is better than Bomb ?

More lore for the swordsman council is good. Atomic samurai really had the short end of the stick during the current raid. Had his worst match against Black sperm, had his blade destroyed by Vomited Ugly etc.

For the top 4 ranked hero he needs other feats. Maybe with this new blades thing.

I didn’t expect Golden sperm to appear now. I thought it would be more impressive than that. The way it was done wasn’t that great for me. His design is cool nonetheless
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I have a problem with the current fights in the manga, things are all over the place and I don’t feel the actions, I think the chain of events tie weirdly , even the art is a bit weaker than before
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One Punch Man ch 148.

My God! Amahare's death is beyond to call brutal. JESUS! And damn! Even Nichirin! FUCK THIS! Fuhrer Ugly needs to die! Damn it! So fucking annoying! And he became much like a cannibal. And now that Golden Sperm? Now in weird way I'm rooting for Golden Frieza! I mean Golden Sperm. :hehee I hope Golden Sperm finishes Fuhrer for good.

Damn it! Where is Saitama? :rant Is Blast even not coming?