One Punch Man Chapter 165 : Absolute Evil

So you don’t have to accept god but as far as you touch him it works, but I think Saitama and no.1 hero also touch the cube why did nothing happen
Why no tag bro:josad:

Anyway, as far as the chap goes it's interesting to see that you only need the slightest touch to receive powers from God.

Imagine the power boost if they french kissed :finally:

But still, Garou keeps receiving these hand outs while my man Boros was just built different from the start. Boros gang where you at?!:pepebusi:
He might have already gotten powers from God
I don't think so. Because the people that got blessed have distinct energy attacks. Boros doesn't have the same energy signature.

But I could see the alien psychic who told boros of the man who could give him a good fight on earth was maybe connected to god.