Chapter Discussion One Punch Man Chapter 166: SQUARED

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So we're not getting the Garo vs S Class bunch after all
It's just Blast, Bang and Half Of Genos, meh
But at least we see Blast in Action and Saitama getting serious, finally
And King, you dropped this
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I didn’t think we would get a full power saitama or anything close to that this early. Man garou really pushed saitama this far. Wonder how saitama will beat garou considering he is juts pure power from a fighting standpoint as afar as we know
I hope Murata keep Genos dead because i never see Saitama being this serious. :crazwhat::crazwhat:
nah genous is the deurotagonist and he still as an unfinished plot point (probably metal knight)
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That was a cool chapter. If the punches colliding is really planetary I think Blast is going to teleport them somewhere before they connect
to mars so we the citizens can say king destroyed mars