One Punch Man Chapter 169 : Daybreak

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King putting Sweet Mask in his place was satisfying.
I agree the webcomic had it better but the thing is, One might have wanted to do something like this in the past but couldn't due to restricted drawing skills. Anyway this will surely get the attention of the best animation studios around so it doesn't get the same season 2 treatment. Knowing this I have no problem with the ending.
Garou came to the realization of the consequences of his actions on his own which I don't think was on web comic. Him sacrificing himself to save everyone was a nice touch. still hate this version though.
What the webcomic managed to do really well was the interaction between Garou and Saitama and Saitama with the other S class heroes.
It helped with the future plots where he was involved with them and where they knew he was strong, sure they didn't know how strong he was but there was some kind of respect or some questioning.
Here I can't see anything, it's the same as the beginning of the arc.
So where are we going from there?
I'm so conflicted about how I feel about this. Ok, from a manga perspective, this is fine. It's a little underwhelming, considering we were blowing up planets and time traveling in the last chapter. Garou's character arc feels completely fucking muddled. I like the King moment, I guess. Genos getting memories of everything that happened in the previous timeline is ok. It's not really going to matter, so who cares?

Personally, I find this frustrating. That's not to say that the manga version is terrible, but the webcomic was already good, so reading a worse version of it is annoying. I commented a few chapters ago that this version couldn't end the same as the webcomic. Despite this having basically the same ending (there are a few differences), I stand by what I said. This ending just doesn't hit the same with this characterization of Garou.