One Punch Man Chapter 169 : Daybreak

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What the webcomic managed to do really well was the interaction between Garou and Saitama and Saitama with the other S class heroes.
It helped with the future plots where he was involved with them and where they knew he was strong, sure they didn't know how strong he was but there was some kind of respect or some questioning.
Here I can't see anything, it's the same as the beginning of the arc.
So where are we going from there?
I think we are going to see even more divergence from the webcomic. Cause some of the WC plotlines were already resolved in the manga. And some setups for future arcs were completely disregarded. I really liked the webcomic arcs after MA arc too:pepemotion:
Just came here to say that how fell did this manga fell off.The more I reread the final strech of chapters the more i feel i read pile of shit.
2 years of following this arc for nothing