One Punch Man, Chapter 197: Duel

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It's taking itself too seriously now imo whereas before it was making fun of the usual shonen shenanigans
Tbh that God subplot seems sorta unnecessary to me, if heroes just crushed monster's society, I'd be fine with that.
I liked OPM because it was such a good parody, the way it both mocked and followed the tropes was fun and refreshing.
This arc in general is boring to me, as is this setting with Flash and Sonic, but I'm still interested in learning more about Bang and God.

So if they get this over with in one more chapter it'll be great. Almost nothing happened this chapter.
The manga was arguably better until the redraws during Child Emperor vs Phoenix Man started
From then on they didn't know where to take the story and started leaning heavily on literal shonen vibes instead of the parody that it was originally
Because, until then, they had the blue print that worked already. The webcomic.

The reasons for like half of the redraws were to foreshadow things better than the webco. But in the process of doing that, they completely diverged from the webcomic on several crucial and important plot points.

So, they're foreshadowing things with the future events that happen in the webcomic in mind. But the current story is changed to integrate the foreshadowing, and also I guess cause they wanted to mix it up cause they thought their readers would get bored reading the same story twice?

One has to straighten the story out. Maybe a short break to get the story in order. I still have some hope. A lot of the changes are interesting at least. Wait and see if they end up being better, or they make the story worse like the whole Garou arc end did.

I'm afraid the shonenification of the story is here to stay though. Cause shonen sells. The manga is a business product first and foremost. Webcomic is the passion project.