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I'll never forgive you Oda

Orochimaru never got justice. And I don't mean he wasn't taken to court, I mean Orochimaru was never given an opportunity to go all out in the series. It's criminal that Kishimoto decided to end things while having one of the first antagonists still display barely any jutsu throughout the show. After being revived and reconnecting with his hands, this is all Orochimaru displays.

Now it might seem a bit nitpicking to be upset Orochimaru never got to be super strong (like he should've been), but considering his goal is to master every ninjutsu and his philosophy encourages constant chaos to provoke evolution, I'd say this is a big issue. It's like the 8th Gate, it was hyped early on in the Chuunin Exams and we saw it in the final arc. Instead, we get Orochimaru standing on the sidelines. A man who invents ninjutsu, steals bodies and researches forbidden ninjutsu for fun.

This is the same character who's stats — an outdated relic of Kishi's own internal powerscaling but a useful tool nonetheless — are .5 below Itachi's. Clearly, he's an absolute monster. Furthermore, in the 4th Databook Orochimaru has every known elemental capability (mastered?).

I mean he even got a Zetsu body, made out of Hashirama's DNA and ideal for sage mode. The only thing Orochimaru lacked to become a sage was a suitable body!

Just, god. One big misstep for Orochimaru. He came back with the potential to be so powerful and got sidelined for zero reason.
Yeah he got the short end of the stick after he fought 4 Tailed Naruto. Had the most potential to be top tier for majority of the series but he was destined to be killed off by Sasuke as soon as the retrieval arc was finished.

Bakazuki Bakainu

The Seventh Wonder.
Kishi wasted Oro so badly in Shippuden. That Itachi moment when he appeared during Itachi vs Sasuke really left a bad scar for me. Pre TS Naruto, he was THE villain, the goat, the hype, the most intimidating, badass, cool, stylish villain etc. His theme tunes were fantastic, the voice acting, his design, his personality and that legendary fight of his with Sarutobi.

Great thread and points, Kishimoto really dropped the ball so hard with him. I've been hearing about him in Boruto and it just sounds like further disappointment and irrelevancy for him sadly.

He delivered on the 8 Gates with Gai but failed so hard with Oro and some other things. Although there was a fair bit of BS with the 8 Gates moment too.

Didn't Sarutobi have every element mastered or capability at least? Seems like Oro was like him in that regard from the sounds of it?
Orochimaru's character feels like Kishimoto's attempt on more gore stuff in the series but he remembered that his series is a Shonen so he toned down Orochimaru a little. He was portrayed to be Sasuke's counterpart in the team which Sarutobi trained.

Yet he never actually showed his true potential due to constant nerf after nerf to the point where he became soft.

Right now Orochimaru went from experimenting on people to try create a perfect son I guess?

It feels weird. It wouldn't surprise me if Mitsuki was meant to be his next body destination but judging by which audience this show targets it will never happen.