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How Do You feel about Gear 5?

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Garp the Fist

It’s overall powers are very fittingly Luffy. In many ways it’s a real throwback to the good old East Blue days when he was doing stupid things with his fruit and it was wildly frustrating the villains. I like that the Gorosei are not frightened of it due to it’s natural strength, but due to it’s ridiculousness.

And speaking of throwbacks, I’m glad Luffy’s back to normal size. I was never a big fan of Bounceman’s design (and I thought Snakeman was too trying to be cool Shonen and not fitting to Luffy).

The hair and the eyes will take a bit of getting used to. I’ve seen some fanarts of it that I like, but in black and white it’s a bit jarring just because of how different it is too what I’m used to.

I hope Luffy isn’t always laughing when he uses it. The adrenaline right now making him temporarily giddy is fine, but it’ll be very offputting if Luffy is laughing all the time when he uses it, no matter how serious the situation. I’m confident the laughing will be temporary though.

And right now I’m just wishing it was still the Gomu Gomu no Mi. I’m not convinced that it being a different fruit is necessary. I think it would have been a brilliant G5 just as it was without this twist.


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I wished this occurred later on in the series. It didn't strike as the best choice to empower the momentum of the series, it would have had a more epic effect if it happened during the Im sama arc.
The look is whatever. I can't be mad about copying super Saiyan because it's honestly weird Oda didn't do that sooner, if anything.

We haven't had a real demonstration so I can't judge that. The choreography was underwhelming in the bits we have right now.

I was actually warming up (heh) to the idea of a gooey fighting style, thinking about what he might have picked up from Katakuri and the amusement I've had for a while with the one gag where he wrapped around Nami.

It has to have some sort of drawback for him to not go into it immediately next time, although I'm fine if he does. Learning he's a Zoan would actually fix problems anyway because then he could just use the free transformation, if they wanna save awakening for a finisher
The ability granted is on brand with the character so as a powerup it's well executed. The real issue with this fruit is that it puts into question the aspect of choice that is fundamental when creating a symbol of freedom and inspiration. A man is not good if he can only be good he is only good if he CHOOSES to be good even though the other side is just as accessible to him, even more tempting. The only way Oda can protect Luffys charm is by keeping that aspect of choice present within his journey, instead of making him a robot programmed to only do and be one thing. The question Oda must answer is this......."Is Luffy the man he is because he has no other choice or is he the man he is because of who he chooses to be".
I like the silly design and I think it suits Luffy's personality.

However, it changed the way I see Luffy as a fighter. What I really liked about Luffy was his ingeniuty on how to best utilize the gomu-gomu fruit, but now that it became the Nika fruit, it has lost that charm.

Even if we have yet to see the Nika fruit's limitation, it just will never be the same Luffy anymore. Nika fruit is simply too OP compared to being just gomu-gomu.

I would've prefer a gear 5 with gomu-gomu instead of gear 5 Nika.