General & Others Overall Which of These 3 is the Best Fight?


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The only one who can beat me is me
Luffy vs Kat.

I reread Luffy vs Lucci, it's solid but Luffy vs Katakuri is the pinnacle of One Piece fight choreography. Factoring story/plot into it I can see why Luffy vs Lucci is held in such high regard, especially how early in the series it was in comparison.
Luffy vs Kaido before G5 should be in the list
Chapter 1040 Ish were better than Zoro vs King (which was average in the manga)
I guess Anime + recency bias is a thing even in WG unfortunately
These are the best 1v1 encounters in One Piece but which claims the title of #1?

Zoro vs King is decent, almost at the level of Luffy vs Katakuri. But Luffy vs Lucci is untouchable, its not fair for it to enter the competition except when the contender is Luffy vs Crocodile.