Versus Battle Pain vs 5 Kage

I think the 5 Kage could win this pretty easily. Mei’s corrosion Kekkei Genkai and Katsuyu’s acid can melt any of the Animal Path’s summons. Tsunade can take out the Naraka Path pretty easily, which would prevent any resurrections. A can blitz the Preta Path and take him out so that he won’t be able to block any ninjutsu from the other Kage. Gaara and Onoki can hold off the Deva Path, Asura Path, and Human Path (which isn’t much of a fighter) while the other Kage take out the Naraka and Preta Path. Once those two Paths are taken out, the battle becomes much easier.
Pain would get destroyed.

Jiraiya was able to cuck 3 paths by himself 🤔 even if the Kage used no Genjutsu which is ridiculous they would probably still overcome them.
I disagree though as once it gets to the deva path, Things like chibaku tensei or even shira tensei become too much to deal with.
I wouldt really say jiraya solo'd them and even then so it's pretty evident that he's not on the level of even mid tier paths like asura and the animal path who were both alone were giving him trouble
5 Kages might low diff
When has any of the kage shown ap powerful enough to break chibaku tensei, I'll wait
When has any of the kage shown durability great enough to survive shinra tensei, I'll wait

Fact of matter being, The deva path's literal only two jutsu outscale anything that the kage can do and none of florigen's alts have but any counter argument to that as flori gen in general has no point to anything. He says like no feats suggesting that sasori can beat deidara and no feats that momo could even touch kaguya, It's just just gibbering nonsense as he does not follow flow of reason but instead the feelings of a community known to be as stupid as humanly possible
5 Kage, Low to Mid diff. Can Pain Arc Naruto beat the 5 Kage? Didn't think so. Kid Konohamaru solo destroyed a path of Pain.
--That path's ability was to heal and not an offensive one

--Pain summoning a bunch of animals especially the dog will be difficult for kages -- Gaara was not able to overwhelm base susanoo of madara so 7-8 summons will keep him busy with tsunade

--Mei is trash and onoki's attacks gets absorbed ; deva path beats raikage

They also don't have any answer to chibaku tensei