Break Week People who rooted for ZKK answer me this (I was rooting too)

Do you still believe in ZKK?

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Kitetsu Wanker
Actually all that plays out perfectly for every zkk hater,
kaido is to strong to be killed by zoro? Not after some time in a magma bath.
Zoro will outshine luffy? Not if the war is over for a week allready
Zoros bounty will be to high? Not if he kills him after the bounty release
I would love to see their mental gymnastics regarding:
How Kaido is easier to kill when he goes into Awakening.
How killing Kaido at his strongest wont overshadow broken horn.
How bounty wont increase again thanks to ZKK.
It's evident by the fact that you couldn't answer my first question lol
You people are just good at bad mouthing others like 12 year olds
Isn't it the opposite lol..
You people are just good at bad mouthing others like 12 year olds..

Want me to quote all the bad mouthing of your cult??

And I just throw back your quote, because you are just double standard people, hypocrite..
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CoC: Color of Clowns

No arms, nor legs. Four limbs, all blades.
Aka the weak haki gang. :goyea:
That's part of the reason I'm so on board, honestly. If I'm wrong about ZKK, or ZKZK, what's the worst that happens? People on WorstGen troll me? We're all going to get trolled, no matter what we post on this god-forsaken-website.

Might as well go all in for maximum internet clout points and stick firm. I honestly believe in ZKK, so, why act like I don't, just too be more popular? Bleh.

Literally my biggest fear with ZKK is that, if it happens, it could make these crazy Zoro stans (the ones who actually harass people) twist into even greater unholy demons, like a SMILE user whose nuts turned into lobster claws. At this point, I hope Sanji beats Green Bull, and Zoro kills Kaido, just so we can achieve some level of fucking balance.

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Its been 1 week since kaido and big mom fell into the magma. Why didn‘t they get up during this week and continued havoc? The answer is pretty simple. They burned to death

second question. We are getting bounties next chapter how is it logically possible that zoro will end up killing kaido? It should have been before the 1 week time skip and before the bounties.

They are about to leave wano, do you really think it will happen anymore? Whats the point of zoro recovering and having a party with all the SHs when things are not done? Oda never did anything close to this and he won’t in the future. Just live on already. You are making a fool out of yourself its cringing me out. :josad:
Tell me about it. Let it go Zoro has done enough