Pet Owners Discussion Thread

Wow, just discovered this thread. Anyway, here are my fur babies.

This is my Cat Evie, she's very sweet and loving, and always has that perpetual look of surprise lol. I adopted her specifically because she was a Black Cat, I had heard that Black Cats were very hard to adopt out. She was in the rescue for 3 years before I found her. I love her to bits!

This is my Sylvester, yes named after the bad ole puddy tat himself, and he lives up to it. He is a major Brat Cat. If you've seen the Simon Cat videos on Youtube, you'd have his personality down pat. I got him as a kitten in a shelter

& this is my Doggie Marshie, she's adorable, but very hyper. She adores Sylvester and vice versa. He raised her and she thinks she's a cat lol!

& my parents have 2 boy mini Dachshunds who I puppysit a lot, I'll try to post their pics sometime if I can.


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I was always around animals (domestic) but i think they do not count as pet, i have one Cat Primarly to catch mouses and similiar.. and 5 dogs(2 Russia sheperd dogs, 2 sarplaninac and one small mixed breed) but i keep these bigs dogs due to protection and selling puppies
Wow so many animals! It must have been a huge responsibility I suppose.

But worth the effort for sure I imagine.