Pokémon Sword and Shield

took me 300+ ultra balls and 20+ kills but I finally caught Regieleki X_X
(anyone got a regidrago they can lend for a bit, I'll trade it back when I catch Regigas and viceversa)

now just need to get galarian moltres and zapdos and I'll finally be done with the catching
I feel like I'm not playing the same game as everyone else, I just get it down to red and used about 10 quick balls(color fits), the reset a couple time for better ivs, I used Mamoswine and eleki literally can't touch me lol
I've been using Seismitoad which also tanks him well, was able to chip down to lower than 10% HP but regieleki doen't get caught that easily and most of his deaths have been from him using Struggle XD
Got Regidrago too.
The only thing I was struggling was the damn horse for Calyrex. I chose the ice one.. it doesn't matter in the end because both looking stupid.

I said to a friend that it is a disappointment how they throw legendaries at our face now. They're nothing special anymore like back then

This would have been amazing.. but sadly we got something else...
I didn't like Spectrier that much but ngl I kinda fuck with Glastier (Ice), especially since it's a blue unicorn which I've been wanting for years; and yeah I chose it because he also has a better movepool

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I chose Spectrier, and it wasn’t a difficult decision by any stretch :luuh:

I can do it tmrw but lmk how you want to trade it. I'm a bit busy with exams until election day but until that day I can trade you my regieleki though I forgot how link trades work after not doing any in months lol
I think we just agree on a four digit code and enter it at the same time? We can figure it out whenever you have time, no need to rush.