Pokemon animation is so bad and there's no excuse

This is pokemon sword

Released in 2019

With a 2 year long production time and from a 100 dollar franchise

And this is tf prime
Look at this quality, all animated with 3d models no less

Released in 2010

Also they have alot less budget

Only owning 25 billion compared to pokemon's 100 billion

And transformers prime had two year quality animation yet the animators did their best and got it out in 10 months

And do remind me how long pokemon sword had for it's production

Pokemon had the advatage of using already rendered models from the 3ds too

the tf prime team had to built their models from scratch and animate it in 10 months as compared to sword's two years

Both prime and sword are animated using 3d models so this comparison is entirely valid

Besides both are billion dollar series spanning decades so poor quality would never be a excuse for ether
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A model made in 10 months in 2010

And a model made in two years in 2019
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I agree with this thread overall, tho Pokemon animation/graphics were always behind the industry standard since the start of the franchise. It's not a recent thing, but since decades the case that majority of the fanbase could not care less about the graphics or even that the powercreep of Pokemon themselves gets more and more ridiculous. Even the recent success of Palword won't really change a thing of how Gamefreak (owned by Nintendo) operates.

Gamefreak developers are even very open about how they would rather focus on their other series since years and they really only continue Pokemon because it's still really their only franchise that generates money and especially pressure from Nintendo. That's why the franchise is so neglectfully treated for a long time now alongside the mindset of majority of Pokemon fans.