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What´s exactly the reason people are townreading players like Mitch or Pot again so early?

And what is everyone thinking about me this round? I´m aware I have not done anything impressive so far but somehow Flower is town leaning me despite me questioning their Flower / Dest / Pot alliance. Having bit paranoia of possibly being pocketed.

Thinking Prof is the wrong way to go and Ultra is making too much sense regarding his posts on Ekko.

Unless proven otherwise I´m working under the assumption of multiball being existent in this round, so it´s not really my style to hand out town reads that easy as it could be the case that the scum teams are having the strategy of hunting each other down too.
i agree with this in terms of why r people town reading pot

Tbqh I have never seen Ekko fold like that so easily as either alignment

Could be he's just fucking with us or he's actually an Indie with a cringe wincon
why indie??
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