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I said on Discord next time I'm scum I'm going to crush him and voted him here, so I feel like as Town he should be like "Hmmm, Flower voting me could mean she's scum here, let's vote her".

No reaction to my votes looks awful ngl.
This thought process kinda weird in hindsight

Like it doesn't really make sense for her to assume this behavior of me. This reeks of a consciousness of her own alignment that she assumes I should have for some reason.

I mean when you break this down she's literally casing me for not scum reading her 2 seconds into the game. Might be some telling on herself here.

And her reason for pushing me feels very very similar to something she did in her last scum game on OLF with Gad - she cited something said on discord, and then drove it in very bad faith to insist it was scummy and worth a lynch.

I think I'm gonna pull receipts, I don't think Flower is necessarily out of her scum range here if this is multiball
First of all.

Vote Gad.

@Gadministraitor can you explain why you pretended to not know what CFD is when I explained it to you just 2 days ago on Discord? Fake as fuck.

Quote and game in question. Yeah pretty similar actually, she then goes on to basically tunnel him to death and try and reinforce consensus around this reasoning.

Don't recall her having to do this dumb discord shit as town either in general, think it's something she does as scum because she feels more secure in citing evidence for an accusation

She stopped tunneling me but that's probably because she saw easier opportunities, she took another swing when I joked about being Indi which kinda obviously should have been in jest.
Do think Gad's probably scum anyway but that entrance is far to similar for me to ignore, her comments around using an action on me feel kinda fake as well. She asks ""mafia"" not to intervene with an action she apparently queued up already and there's no apparent reason why they'd do that to begin with

Nor is she typically that concerned about indies

If I'm feeling cute might press her for a claim
Also think Flower digging up Gad's ISO to try and prove her point and link Luka to him feels like an attempt to corner him. Don't think she really needs to put all this effort in D1 in SRM in normal circumstances if she thinks Gad is full of shit. Instead she's insistent Luka *can't* be mistaken and uses it to evidence he's bad, even though him defending Gad in this circumstance doesn't really feel like a paired behavior.
One last thing - Flower isn't citing Ratchet's capability of reading Gad behind her push, not even once. Her usual logic should be "lel Ratchet has a godread on him", instead she's being sweaty and putting a lot more effort into consensus building.

Kinda weird!
Wished we could just hammer Gad. We still have like 24h until his flip.

Vote Gad.
^ Flower who is pathologically insistent on having as much time in a day phase as possible and not ending discussion early is bored and wish we could hammer

The only time I've seen her express this sentiment is in the linked scum game of hers:

This day is boring. Tempted to just hammer Gad and call it a day.
And wouldn't you know, it's on Gad as well!
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