Powers & Abilities POLL: After Ch 1033 Was Enma just a training tool for Zoro to unlock Advance CoC on all his blades

Was Enma just a training tool for Zoro

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Zoro is better off with Nidai,leave Enma to Momonosuke!Enma already has a history with Oden.Black Enma by Zoro hands will fell like he had help.Zoro's journey will feel more rewarding turning Wado,Sandai and Nidai Black because they don't have a history with a high caliber swordsman yet.
It’s a catalyst to Zoros awakening. It forced him to push himself and simultaneously were told from the creator himself that it’s the strongest sword he’s made.
how would enma be nerfing zoro? is it some magic?
we saw that when enma acts up it is a big show and it is even visible. there is no reason to believe it was passively weakening zoro all the time just by being there even when it was behaving and it was behaving until last chapter.
It's a training tool and a pu. The sword was introduced to make Zoro stronger and it does. It forceful makes zoro output Max haki at a sustainable state and if zoro can't and tries to hold back then he just gets drained. It's a pu that allows zoro to reach his higher potential. Zoro with enma > zoro without enma making it a pu.