General & Others Post TS arcs are massively underrated + Oda is on a level with the all time fantasy greats.

Is that so ? I heard ppl say that FMA was anime staff guys writing the story & FMAB was the managaka's story & that FMAB was better so went for FMAB.
Should i watch FMA as well or does FMAB give away spoilers to FMA beyond the intro part which is same i guess for both ?
You see FMA with all filler stuff and different end became more serious, while FMAB became...joke after that loli girl was introduced. Most stupid thing in FMAB was when Edward talk to chimera soldiers about life and they listened to him. Also if FMAB have happy ending, FMA has bittersweet ending which suits it more as for me.
You: 'so to each his own'

Also you: 'OP is EXTREMELY overrated. Go back to Reddit and get some of your cookie points with jerking Oda off.'

The fuck? :kaidowhat:
LOL there is nothing to compare here. Murata is on a whole another stratosphere. Murata should be compared only to few artist like Vegabond, berserk and few other artist. Putting Oda's name next to Murata as an artist is an insult to Murata.
all you dick riders need to go back to reddit. If you've never been there just join them, you'll feel at home.
When someone says Jake Paul is comparably to Mike Tyson in terms of boxing talent alone won't you start defending Mike Tyson?
He should go back to r/OPM lol
1) So my point is that most of these op fans read all of these pre ts arcs in one go & not on a week to week basis. But for the post ts arcs they read them on a week to week basis. Or in some cases watched the horrendous FI,PH,Dressrosa anime (RIP them).

Basically you read pre ts arcs in 2-3 months & post ts arcs in 10 years. And this difference matters hell a lot.

2) This is my personal observation & opinion that the experience of reading an arc in one go is much better than reading it on week to week basis because while reading weekly (with breaks too) we forget a lot of things that happened even 15 chapters ago & more importantly the flow of the story is lost completely.You wont feel any emotions at all while reading a new chapter because the build up from past 10 chapters is lost coz you read them over 10 weeks.


3) Even if you were to reread the post ts arcs (despite of knowing all the spoilers coz we have read it already) you would in all likelihood be able to get a much better experience than when you read it weekly which would only imply that if you hadn't read them weekly initially & would have read it in one go the first time itself then your experience would have been even better.


Also when reading Pre TS arcs in one go in under a month , most of you did not spent time debating to death & hyperanalyzing after every single chapter , all of which you did for Post TS arcs. Hyperanalyzing & debating something to death day in day out will only reduce your reading experience. Spending too much time talking about a subject will make it loose its appeal over time. Stay 24*7*365 with your best friend/girl friend/wife whatever & by the end of 3-4 years , things will start to feel redundant & boring if you dont mantain a healthy distance. Same with One Piece if that's where majority of your time online is going into.

7) If you dont believe all the above then simply go ahead & check Arlong Park forum posts during pre ts arcs ; During Thriller Bark for example , most people were not impressed by "nothing happened" moment & were very critical of Kuma's actions & said that his actions didnt make any sense. Another plot induced stupidity moment etc.


I know that most of you wont watch even a single one of them but will jump straight to trashing this thread or Morj or One Piece itself & call me a Oda/One Piece/Morj fanboy ; & if you are one of them then well good luck to you , you all just want to stay shallow in your comfy eco chamber of OP bashing & i wont be wasting my time on you. After all , complaining about popular things is "cool" right kids ?!! Continue on.


"Oda is a god damn visionary & you have to look at the structure of the story that has been built up to this point because in hindsight , yes , he is telling the emotional stories & characters so well & things like that but the structure , the pacing , the planning of the story & how that is elevating the characters so much higher up until now is truly on a level with the all time fantasy greats . I am talking Tolkien, Jordan , Erikson , Sanderson. This (oda) is a guy who is clearly planning out a fantasy epic & executing a vision that has themes , so much crazy & incredible world building.


6) If you are reading this manga just for fights & not also for its themes , character arcs ,lores , mysteries , world building , & several other deeper layers & story elements or couldnt find them in post ts arcs then you have just made up your mind to hate no matter what . To them i would say this :-


There was this russian youtuber who started to not like OP in WCI (which is absolutely fine) & decided to quit reading it altogether .(got to know about him from another thread on this forum).
Atleast i respect him for getting his priorities straight & quitting something if he didnt like it anymore unlike the weekly complainer leeches who cant walk the talk & quit reading the series they dont like but would rather prefer to whine like bit**es every week while not even paying for reading most of the time. No one is forcing you to read it. Get your priorities straight. Do us a favor & quit. Rest assured, you wont be missed. Good riddance.
I quoted what impressed me the most.

Well, wow. You put in one single clear post what many long-time One Piece readers think about the story itslelf, the author, the ill/toxic mechanisms of internet 2.0 discussions and online community (cause it's not only a One Piece forums' issue). It's just that a thousand idiots make more noise than a million quiet fellas.

I will have a watch of this videos, 'causa with work, family and stuff sometimes you lose opportunities and desire to explore the real beauties of this world, cause One Piece is not simply a comic about a strong gummy baka.

Great post, it's just too right, precise and hard to swallow for the thousands of bots here and there :cheers:
aren't u a Murata dickrider tho?
Lmao the irony was killing me. Oda is the most critically and commercially successful right now and the post TS arcs that people complain about have tons of great features... but no one is out here saying he's perfect and that he's beyond comparison to his peers, lol

When you say that Oda is the Jake Paul of manga, it's time to stop googling random shit to throw out


Oda's accuser
You people are really funny and damn hypocrites....

On one hand you mock reddit for being an echo chamber for Oda cults but you don't want any one piece "praise" threads in this can disagree with his points but funny enough how he is right about weekly "Oda bashers".....
I would suggest whomever thinks like that BDA, they are neither anti Oda Cultists or Apologists on average lol.
FMA is perfect from Chapter 1 up to the end.Same counts ofc for the FMAB Anime.

Lol at Luffy being one of the best MC's ever XD.
Dude is trash and is still the same dumbass he was in Chapter 1

@Seth this is getting out of hand
Lol lol , you felt the need to call in your "daddy" to defend & cover up for your insecurities . What a pitiful bunch of clowns your entire lot is.
All that Ls that you use at the end of each character's name as a suffix is simply put projection on your part. Forget about One Piece , Manga or Fiction , go have a good look at your own self. That would explain much better why you hate & put L after every noun you encounter more than anything.

"Luffy is trash" "FMA is perfect" <- yeah i get it ; the best you can do is use a noun & an adjective in conjunction .
Defense coping mechanism at work.

Trolling is the only way you weekly complainers who like to whine like bit**es every chapter can cope your way out. Cope hard.

The very existence of this thread is like a thorn in the face of pitiful clowns like you lot. I came here & said what i wanted to.
Couldn't have asked for anything more. Got my point across and now i am off .
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Lol lol , you felt the need to call in your "daddy" to defend & cover up for your insecurities . What a pitiful bunch of clowns your entire lot is.
All that Ls that you use at the end of each character's name as a suffix is simply put projection on your part. Forget about One Piece , Manga or Fiction , go have a good look at your own self. That would explain much better why you hate & put L after every noun you encounter more than anything.

"Luffy is trash" "FMA is perfect" <- yeah i get it ; the best you can do is use a noun & an adjective in conjunction .
FMA shits on every aspect on OP

Imagine your Villain screams half of a Arc "Cake,Cake,Cake".
FMA>>>FMAB just saying

@The White Crane Steins gate was too much bland for its first half. People had said that things will gear up from the mid point. They did but to me felt like all the so called build up of the first half didnt pay off at the end. Far from it. In fact the only reason why the second half felt like the story has going few things for it is simply beacause the first half didnt have any to begin with.
Nonsensical. :lusalty:

The second half of SG wouldn't exist without the first half. They can't be seen as a separate story. :kata:

It's comedy didnt click with me. By the end it became less of a mystery sci fi & more of a typical romance story so overall i wouldnt consider S;G anywhere close to being #1.
How the hell did anybody watch SG and could say something like this? If you talk like this about the Steins;Gate movie, I have no complaints. But if you watch the original series and come to this conclusion, I can only reply with, "What do you even mean? What were you watching?" :kaidowhat:

FMAB again had bad comedy for the most part. Edward was yet another decent shonen protagonist.
Cap. FMAB is seinen, and Edward is more than decent. Edward is great, and, unlike Luffy, it's because there are prices he had to pay for his mistakes. :brootea:

Most shonen protagonists are just repetitive but Luffy is one of the best written characters for me & a very refreshing shonen main guy.

FMAB in its initial part had very predictable plot going for it + unnecessary sad emotional plot lines that were supposed to be sad but i didnt feel anything from them specially cause it lacked execution. Falsely overhyped characters like Edward's father who didnt end up living up to their hype. More characters like that black lighting scar guy had far more potential & again fell short of it.

FMAB had some great moments & few really good characters like King bradley. I'll give it that.
That's because Bradley wasn't made to be a simp for a dead guy (like Kaido), a petulant but overgrown child (like Big Mom), had on-panel feats (unlike Offscreen Piece), wasn't lolnoped after years of build-up (like Jack), and actually killed some named characters on-panel (unlike take your One Piece pick). :datas:

And lastly the main anatogonist( forgot its name) ; it didnt feel like to be the main villan. Bradley & that kid villan alone carried the entire cast of villans & felt more like primary villans even though they were supposed to be the secondary villans. To be more clear king bradley felt more intimidating than the primary villan even though it should have been the other way around.
Huh? How is this even a criticism toward FMA again? :goatasure:

So what if Bradley is a better villain than Father? There are many secondary villains more memorable than the main villains in fiction. Why is this even an issue with you? :wonderland:

Also, that doesn't mean stopping Father was easy. It still took the combined forces of all the remaining characters in FMA to put him down. :willsmith:

Overall FMAB was good but not #1 in my book.
Out of curiosity, what is your number 1? :sanmoji:
For me, One Piece flaws aren’t actually plotholes or story mistakes… for me, One Piece does have flaws from pre-skip anyways…

Also, what you’re talking about with versions, is surely true when it comes to enjoyment of the show, maraton is always more enjoyable…

my issue with One Piece in recent years, specifically since Dressrosa is Oda’s big desire into filling the arc with SOOOO many extra characters he just wanted to draw, who take the space, with no relevance, and in turn it takes away from the focus on more important characters…

It’s Oda’s desire in applying his new ideas and designs to where he is willing to make a chapter of 17 pages, to have 3-6 pages wasted on some random character we don’t give a fuck about him…

Pre-skip is only better in that regard, because we focus on smaller amount more important characters and plots…

Like even in Marineford, you can notice despite the many characters, Oda focused on specific commanders, and not all of them…the most important of them

While right now, he prefers to focus on irrelevant characters and save the big guns… and keep delaying their screentime, until he has no time, and he wants to rush the arc, so the top commanders and executives end up having less screentime than their underlings fodders…

This is my main issue with One Piece…

I don’t care about power ups, scaling, how someone defeats someone, cause it’s the same as pre-skip

but what Oda focuses on in an arc is surely way better pre-skip.

Like fucking Jack is the epitome of what is going wrong with Oda right now…

It’s absolutely stupid, beyond stupid..