Project T Official proposal

So as many of you know / have noticed i was posting these tags in the waiting room, and there is a funny story about it.......
Long story short (not so short lol), i'm sort of addicted with the "tags" idk why but it's satisfying climbing the ladder and getting these cool tags!
So i was starting to work on something and reading the proposals made by others i saw that the Admins said it was a bit complicated to make a tag system like in OJ (or it was going to take too much time) so, i was thinking at this simple system were you have a bounty that goes up based on how many messages you've sent and that's it so i started to work on something but i was rly sh** at graphics (even if i rly like it i rly suck at it)
This was my first try that i sent to Bogard xD
It sucks ik :suresure:

This was his reply

Ok maybe super long story.....

And i was super happy but at the same time since i was always interested in graphics / photo manipulation i started to watch some tutorials and illegally downloaded photoshop and some other software and did my first steps.

So after doing my first tests i kinda found my inspiration and i created this

(was still learning how to cut properly xD)

And right when i was about to submit this to Bogard boom i see they implemented the tags xD
Again super happy, but then i start having these ideas over ideas so i submitted it anyway to the bosses and they told me it was cool ,so i was like hell yeah!
So long story short (this time for real) i stared to work on the Project T which at the core is the same as the current tag system BUT i also wanted something let's say more interactive/funny
Now in case you can't see them in my signature here they are



Now if you have at least let's say Division Commander or Veteran tag you have access to the special tag (which i will post in a comment below) and by partecipating at various forum activities (like idk prediction threads/forum games like mafia etc / various contests etc etc you can get the chance to win an immaginary ticket and pick a tag among the special ones ofc to make it easy for the admins this should be something "rare" to happen like they have to distribute 3/4 tags per week 1 from the prediction thread and 2/3 fromt the games or something like that maybe you can think at something better

And that's pretty much it currently there should be something like 70+ tags not sure how many precisely (i made a lot more versions 213 in total but i posted the ones i liked the most).
I don't know if you will consider this i'm happy anyway it was rly fun working on this "project".
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I’m surprised than none of the Admins have replied yet..well with so much going on right now it’s possible they are all busy with their own personal matters. Can’t wait to see how they reply to this proposal.
Great work @Yasu ..!! :cheers:
Ty but don't think it's gonna happen, I used many fanarts for the tags and they are worried that this might cause copyright issues but tbh I don't think it's the case (I mean I'm not aware of all the rules but u are not using the arts for something commercial and for the artists it's just more views (but tbh I dont think they can copyright you cuz technically even if it's fan arts they are still using OP content in the first place so technically the only one who could send you a copyright strike is Oda himself xD)I've asked some of them if I could use their arts for this and the header and they all said it's no problem, I could do this for the tags too but there are too many)