Speculations Queen has CoC

katakuri has jack's bounty and had coc, queen is almost 5th yonkou level of bounty and doesn't have coc too? please.... calamities are a step above regular commanders like sweet commanders, blackbeard commanders. same way WB pirates had like 4 cocs, ace, wb, BB, likely marco
queen having coc is also hinted by queen rival of king that is pretty much 99% coc user based on yonkou right hand hype

roger pirates- 5-6 cocs

rocks- 5-6 cocs

wb pirates 4 cocs

beast pirates 3 cocs

bm pirates 2 cocs

red hair pirates 2 cocs
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I doubt the top 2 commanders of the Beast Pirates have COC (King and Queen). For once, they lack the aspect of leadership and respect from their "underlings". Like, King is frowned upon by the Toppi Roppo, and Queen literally caused half of Kaidou's force to switch side.
If anything, only Yamato has COC in the Beast Pirates aside from Kaidou imo.


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If we want to confront the SHs with the RPs CoC wise then 3-4 users for the SHs looks ok when we look at the big picture, assuming Oda will give a serious damn about this intrinsic notion.
I honestly think the only calamity that has a chance of possessing CoC is King, due to the professional relationship that Kaido has with his supposed most trusted confidant. King has shown greater leadership at the cost of his subordinates like Tobi Roppo still not really respecting him at all.

However if not, we can always have just Yamato with CoC. Too bad for Kaido, he can't really capitalize on multiple CoC users like Xebec did.