Break Week Queen has high bounty because of science is bullshit


One Piece sucks
Oda did a piss poor job with most of the YCs.

Kata and King were the only ones done justice. Jack is the biggest joke out of this caliber of pirates, he took L after L never had an on panel fight and over all looked like a weak bitch. Queen just never did anything impressive, Oda is shit when it comes to showing power progression. His fight with Sanji was incredibly low scale, no big feats, most of his attacks were goofy as hell and in the end he lost in an embarrassing manner. When you compare him to Kata, King or even Doffy he just doesn't look like he belongs.

This sucks for Sanji too, Oda just gives him goofy opponents and unimpressive feats.
Only katakuri was done justice

Then Cracker &Marco were somewhat doent decent justice
Then King & Queen
Then Jack, Jozu, Smoothie being clowned

Gol D. Roger

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Obviously, the fact that Queen is a mad scientist that creates crazy weapons plays a big role in determining his bounty. The fact that Ceasar clown has a bounty on his head for being a mad scientist proves that the WG considers the likes of a Queen a serious threat. And him being an underling of Kaido makes him even more dangerous. It's dumb to say it played no role in his bounty, and it's equally dumb to say it's the sole reason why his bounty is so high.
Yasop stronger than Latakuri?
Widely renowned pirate > no name pirate officer
I know that Kata is a forum made fraud that only gets wanked because he fought Luffy but Yasopp isn't that guy, his BBP' parallel is a shitter that lumped with Burgess and Laffitte were saved from getting stomped by Ace. Kata > Ace > Augur, Burgess and Laffitte together.
Van Augur is stronger than Yasopp. Usopp surpasses his father by defeating Van Augur.
Average candy acting like Lanji isn't the Yamcha of OP and the people he fights aren't the equivalent of saibamen. :vistalaugh:
Sanji got the 3rd spot in term of panel time so far in op, Yamcha can only dream to something like this+ Sanji is winning his fights, dunno why you downplay this god tier character. At least he is not half dead and on that chopper milk recipe.