Speculations Question for ZKKC

I think Zoro and Sanji will join Luffy. Luffy should be VERY tired by then and so should be Kaido. The monster trio can attack with their ultimate attacks all at once and that'd result in Kaido's death. He'd have to deal with the intenal damage from Luffy and the burn and internal damage from Sanji. Therefore, I believe Zoro will be able to kill him and then promptly collapse, almost dead.
My question is
Do yall really believe zoro will kill kaido ?

let me be more Specific about the question. Is zoro only going to attack kaido once (the attack that kills him ) ?

Is kaido going to acknowledge zoro at least ?
Zoro must at least fight kaido before killing him rather defeating king then goes to the rooftop and kill him immediately.

chapter 993
Kaido is waiting a monster samurai who will be stronger then oden . But then

Chapter 1023
Zoro was compared to the strongest samurai in wano. (Ryuma looks so fucking Amazing) 😂
Where hyogoro saw the Similarity between ryuma and zoro.

So In my eyes
Zoro must at least fight kaido 2-3 panels before he kills kaido or he don’t kill kaido .
kaido must acknowledge zoro as the monster samurai who surpassed oden in his eyes before killing him .

Let me know your opinion on this
To be very honest. I wasn't at all a Zoro kills Kaido fan before 997. But when the character said by himself he is here to kill kaido and with the amounts of hints, I can't go against the author. I mean what is the necessity to compare Zoro with Ryuma the one who killed a dragon above Wano now before Onigashima reach the capital ?

Sometimes people love to complicate stuffs. Oda is tricky but he always follows the same pattern, it's safe way for him. 99,99% people here were sure king vs zoro won't happen but at the end a zoro faces the one who has a katana and the second strongest as usual. Always like that, it will never change.

For the question if Zoro needs to face Kaido before, i mean he did and Kaido was impressed.

How many opponents do you think Kaido have faced in his life ? When you look at rooftop, he tanked so many attack. Every damages disappear next panel except two, the big scar of Oden who was completely healthy when he did that and other one smaller because Zoro was so damaged.
No one was capable to do that.
Kaido went calling him one from WG, to Oden's katana to kaizoku gari. The scene where Kaido understood Zoro has COC was super hype and it gave more fuels for the end.

When Zoro will kill Kaido, Kaido will be amazed and maybe will recognize him as the monster samurai he waited for so long.

Luffy will finish Kaido and like WCI when Big Mom came back after fainting, Kaido will be back because of his zoan recovery and maybe awakening and start to destroy wano. Zoro will kill him.

The manga will be slightly different but the big lines gonna be like this, imo.