General & Others Questons you'd ask Oda in the SBS

Rank the strawhats by strenght and can people see who can not use haki like nami or chopper armament hardering or see they a gear 4 from luffy without haki?
where do you live if i may ask?

I love being outside:lumazed:

Don't you remember all that sbs talk about Oda's porn magazines? He even modelled Hancock after that one pornstar:suresure:

Going from home to car and from car to job can hardly be called "outside"
w8 who did he model hancock after ?
If you don't mind sharing what were your questions?
1 starting sbs attempt
Since zoan fruits has a will of their own, how does the human human fruit feel about getting eaten by a reindeer?
A question on Kaido's form changes, of that's an effect of the alcohol he consumed (like Chopper and Black Maria)
Did Kaido tried out beforehand if he can actually lift the entire island up
Luffys hybrid and beast form
Name origin of Drunken Dragon Bagua