Questions & Mysteries R.I.P King got bleeding by Marco

Stop it lool. It is blood.

It's just that Marco's BlueBird + knee dive combo wasn't nearly as impressive as y'all made it out to be. It got out a few drops of blood and King didn't even bother to use his regeneration hax after that. Heck even Zoro's Rengoku Onigiri did better.
Poor Marco, dropping some droplets of blood after taking a combo from him is apparently so embarrassing that people are using it to downpaly King durability feats in the battledome:josad:


I will never forgive Oda
Give them Haki blooms, Brulee and a King's Merienda (ft. @Chrono ) and Kingu-sama still takes it.
The only version of Katakuri that measures up to Kingu is the light speed, Boundman strong version that lives in Ndules head
anyways i dont think it matters if its blood or not
marco didnt do shit
all that flashy moves for a drop of blood
Especially compared to Marco being able to make Queen cough up large amounts of blood in 1 hit, better than anything Sanji's done so far.

Kingu really tanking two hits with a nose bleed