Character Discussion Rank the warlords from least favorite to favorite

How would you rank the warlords as characters you like ? Which ones do you prefer and which ones do you like the least ? What are your reasons for doing so ?
Boa Hancock > Jinbei/Law > Crocodile > Mihawk > Doflamingo > Moria > Weevil > Buggy

I like how Boa Hancock maintained an iron grip on her position for a decade even with a literal Target on her back. Her losing this position will hurt her nation and may have world shaking effects on the narrative. Especially given that Luffy will exit Wano with an Impregnable Yonko-like Army.

Jinbei is such a great and honorable Warrior. And he’s always sacrificed his personal ambitions for the sake of his country.

Law made tactical plays with his position. As expected of him though. I still wonder what was the Rocky Port Incident and Cobys Role. I’d also like to know if he has any ties to Sword.

Crocodile and Alabasta. Nuff said. Phenomenal character, abilities, ambitions, and bounce back.

Mihawk, we need more from him. But the reason we don’t know anything is due to his ties with Shanks, who’s another endgame character. Mihawk, according to external information seems like a very nice person. Someone with the qualities of a strawhat. And that’s possibly why he favors Luffy and Zoro, and helped Zoro.

Everything is great about Doffy. I just did not like his too big to fail mentality and arrogance. But that’s expected of a Conquerer AND Celestial Dragon. Given that he supposedly has one the best bloods on earth, I believe he could have became much stronger and more powerful. But I think in those ten years of attaining Dressrosa, he got too comfortable. Taking on Fujitora like a child having a tantrum, treating Luffy and Law (both Will of Ds) at the same time so lightly, were all surprising for someone who had so much to lose.

Moria is a tragic character in an equally tragic, gloomy, boring arc.

Weevil, we know nothing. I don’t care about him.

Buggy is down here because I don’t consider him a Warlord. Buggy will become the only Emperor within the NW after the Yonko system fails.