Character Discussion Rank the warlords from least favorite to favorite


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I think the Shichibukai group in general in one of the best one Oda created in the manga or at least the original ones.

Mihawk - first Shichibukai to show the real danger of grandline by humiliating Zoro, ending up as his ultimate goal, with his loner attitude while seeking for the strongest swordsmen, his rivalry with Shanks alongside an awesome design

Crocodile - defeated the main multiple times, showed a great threat lvl in alabasta, grandline experience, ambition seeking pluton(one of the ancient weapons) , while having a great swag

Doflamingo - his trickery, usual laugh / smile, original design with the pink swag in contrast to Crocodiles, past as celestial dragon while becoming a commoner allowing him to experience the life style of both sides, cruel attitude ending up killing his father, his brother, while being the first major antagonist of the new world in development with a previous crewmember(Law) seeking to avenge his brother

Kuma - A revolutionary disguised as a pirate tyrant in a secret mission only known by Dragon before the events of MF, becoming a Shichibukai, working for the government undercover with mysteries surrounding the reason behind experiments on him to create pacistas, ultimately becoming one himself and being treated as a slave by celestial dragons. All that while being singlehandily responsible in giving a crushing defeat to the SHs twice while saving them at the same in preparation to the 2 years time skip

Hancock - A former slave saved by Fisher tiger from celestial dragons, growing alongside her sisters after eating a fruit, becoming the princess of Amazon lily, conquering the world with her powers, her beauty, except for the one she actually fell in love with(Luffy) lol, ultimately playing the role of ally

Jinbei - representation of the Fishman race, knight of the sea, who originally seemed to have superiority complex through Arlong's doings until hearing their story, the story of Fisher Tiger former slave of celestial dragons, trying to follow into Fisher tiger's path and acting as a symbolism between humans and fishmen, great bond with Ace which indirectly created another one with Luffy, ultimately saving his life by sharing blood with him in FI and ending up as a crewmember to look over him as Ace wished as well as helping him accomplish his goal

Moria - Initially viewed as a super rookie until losing to Kaido in Wano, experiencing the pain of losing his men without being able to do anything, basically an alternate version of the Strawhats if they didn't have plot armor, all of that pushing him to change his motto into a "lazy" motto, counting on zombies to do his bidings

So overall the stories behind the original Shichibukai, their impact into the story was awesome, so much that i can't even tell I dislike any of them, but if I were to rank them from favorite to least favorite, it'd probably look this way

1. Mihawk
2. Kuma
3. Crocodile
4. Doflamingo
5. Boa
6. Jinbei
7. Moria

If Law, Teach, Buggy and Weevil are counted, it'd look more like this though

1. Law
2. Mihawk
3. Kuma
4. Crocodile
5. Doflamingo
6. Boa
7. Teach
8. Buggy
9. Jinbei
10. Moria
11. Weevil
1. doffy
2. Crocodile
3. Mihawk
4. Boa
5. jimbe( because he is a strawhat)
6. Kuma
7. moria


1. buggy sama ; the weakling that became a warlord.
2. doffy ;smart but lost due to being unlucky
3. Law; Luffy's bitch
4. crocodile; the fool that did not kill Luffy two times when he had the chance
5.Mihawk; the bored idiot that only challenges swordsmen when most of the top tiers don't use swords
6. Boa hancock; Luffy's bitch
7. jimbe
8. Kuma; the fool that became a robot
9. moria; the lazy fool
10. Weevi; the self-proclaimed bastard
S Class: Law, Doflamingo, Crocodile

Self-explanatory, some of the best characters ever created by Oda. Above the likes of even half the Straw Hat Pirates Crew

A Class: Jinbei, Kuma, Hancock, Mihawk

I like them as characters but do not consider them favorites

B Class: Blackbeard

Dislike the guy greatly, but he serves his purpose

ZZZZZZ Class: Weevil, Moria, Buggy

A disgrace to the order, garbage, trash. Whenever they appear I want to pull my eyes out.


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1. Sir Crocodile
Crocodile easily ranks as one of the best villains in OP. I love his design. The slick-back hair, cigar, suit draped over shoulders, all of resembling a mafia boss. The hook is a cherry on top that makes him pop out. His planning and manipulation of the Alabastan citizens with his false heroics made the arc so good. His return in Impel Down was hype as hell and Marineford Croc gave us an expansion of his character without ruining the already established traits he had, only making his character better. It's here where fans have come to recognize Croc as someone with balls of steel.

He's a great character who with the way he's been written, sets us up for a very intriguing return in the New World. Though, I'm not really confident if Oda can include Croc in the current story in a meaningful way.

2. Doflamingo
Doffy is the undisputed best villain of OP for me. The extravagant swag he carries himself with. His design being a perfect fit to match his flamboyant personality. The way he took over Dressrosa is very similar to how Croc was about to take over Alabasta but the only difference being, Doffy had success. I personally liked seeing how that success led to things being the way they were for Dressrosa. It made for a very interesting plot to unfold. It's not just Dressrosa that makes him great but the way he also commanded himself on Marineford. He was using the war for entirely his own pleasure and it just made an intriguing character for the future.

3. Kuma
I rank him in this spot because he's a very interesting character with a lot of mystery behind him. I would love to see a Kuma backstory. Learning how he became a revo and then a shichibukai, what his goals and motivations are/were in allowing the World Government to take over his body.

Everyone after this I don't really like nor dislike. Feel pretty indifferent towards them.

4. Buggy
Not much to say besides how he's a funny character. It's fun watching how he gained followers in Impel Down and Marineford but otherwise I don't care much for him.

5. Mihawk
I think Mihawk has the potential to be a great character if Oda really tries. The mannerisms he's got and his path to becoming the World's Strongest Swordsman make for an interesting character but in terms of personality, he doesn't have much going for him that I personally like. I find him kind of boring. I know some people do like his mellow personality and his intricate way of life, but it doesn't appeal that much to me. I do like his design and I think his epithet is pretty cool.

6. Law
Law is an interesting character for me cause going on Punk Hazard to Dressrosa, I was liking him. His mastermind plan to defeat Doffy was epic and I was looking forward to seeing it go down. His backstory made me root for him even more but towards the end of Dressrosa, my enjoyment of his character just fizzled out. I really don't like how he became another Luffy cheerleader. I'm strong on the opinion that Doffy should have been defeated by Law and Luffy had no business interfering. And now in Wano I find him to be just meh. I wasn't that big on his personality to begin with and now with the Dressrosa plot over, I'm left with just that for Law. He honestly feels more like a grand fleet member than an actual pirate captain tbh.

7. Hancock
Boa is pretty okay to me. Her lovestruck for Luffy doesn't really appeal to me.

8. Blackbeard
Has the potential to be a great villain depending on how he plays out. I'm also quite interested to see what his backstory is like.

9. Moriah
I think I've done Moriah an injustice by skipping over a lot of Thriller Bark episodes. I mostly skimmed it paying attention to only a few fights. It's why I'm one of the few who doesn't like Perona, not cause I think she's a bad character or anything but mostly because I just don't know her character. I think I'm due for a full proper watch of Thriller Bark one day.

10. Jinbei

11. Weevil
Trash design.

Anyone else. If I've forgotten them.

Lmao, this had me crying, bro πŸ˜‚