Character Discussion Rank the Worst Gen by how much you like them

Who do you like the least?

  • Law

  • Luffy

  • Zoro

  • Killer

  • Kidd

  • Urouge

  • Bege

  • Bonney

  • Blackbeard

  • Drake

  • Hawkins

  • Apoo

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Hawkins: always loved his design and concept (cards mage, fortune calculator). Was did dirty in Wano and his match up vs Killer really had 0 narrative interest :( I think he has one of the sickest devil fruits in existance. I love his relationship and interactions with Drake.
Drake: cool design, intriguing personality and background (former marine, what is his purpose now? Why is he called "red flag"?) he didn't really live up to the expectations i had for him.

I think both Hawkins and Drake didn't receive much love from the fandom as much as Oda expected so he started to care less and less about them. I think both aren't the kind of character that a battle shonen audience is interested in unfortunately.
Zoro: my fav

: intriguing background and purpose, is the only female pirate of the worst gen, loves pizza. I have high expectiations for her in this arc.
Bege: cool devil fruit, cool character concept, a mafia boss leading his "family" whose main strenght ain't brute force but a calculated series of moves and planning.
Apoo: for some reasons i really like Apoo, I like him being annoying, i like him being a member of the longarm tribe and i like his musician devil fruit. I wish we could have seen more of his crew.
Cpt. Kidd: very cool devil fruit, cool design, cool personality (that I can't stand but absolutely work for his character).
Urouge: I like his design and concept of being a monk, meditation, prayers and stuff + his devil fruit is the essence of battle shonen and I love it.

: I like Killer, I like his interactions and relationship with his captain and I really wish we could have a flashback of him and Kidd. He has a cool set of moves but I think he stayed too much as a plain character in the latest arc.
Law: he is cool and all, has a very cool design and personality + great background but he stole so much presence to all the other Straw Hats...

Luffy: I dont like Luffy
Blackbeard (Fav Character)

Bege: Love his mafia persona

Really good DF and Good backstory

Zoro: only dislike the extreme wank threads some of his "fans" do.

(Most of it is justified)

X drake: Love his fighting style shame Oda shitted on him in wano

Kid: Pretty good Only thing I depise is how Oda treats his DF

Killer: Right hands are always great

Luffy: Would of been Amazing but haven't been enjoying him as much after G5, nothing wrong with the power just the nika retcon.


Urouge: Maybe will change once he gets focus.

Apoo : Don't care about the character

Bonney: Has nice devil fruit tho could change after this arc

Hawkins :
He had so much potential
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BB(I like his asshole ways, crew and plot so far)
Apoo(For being a successful asshole+music theme)
Killer(For his loyalty and cool weapons)
Capone(I like his style and crew dynamic)
Bonney(cause she is hot and is surronded by mystery, even though she is objectively the worst one feat wise)
Kid(I like his powers and design)
Drake(Because of his overall story so far)
Urogue(because his face is fumny)
Hawkins(Has one of the best designs and coolest fruits and I personally like his "death", but I have to admit that he is the least interesting supernova)
The OG3 of Luffy/Zoro/Blackbeard shit on all the others

Hawkins was an okay enough villain but got lost in the mire of characters that was Wano

Drake barely exists to me

Bege and Apoo have grown on me greatly

Kid disappoints me greatly

Killer is okay

Law is boring unless he’s playing off Doflamingo. And obnoxious as hell when it comes to his weird inferiority complex to the Strawhats or whatever the fuck was going on with him in Wano

Bonney and Urouge still up in the air as they haven’t had time to shine yet.