Character Discussion Rank the Worst Gen by how much you like them

Who do you like the least?

  • Law

  • Luffy

  • Zoro

  • Killer

  • Kidd

  • Urouge

  • Bege

  • Bonney

  • Blackbeard

  • Drake

  • Hawkins

  • Apoo

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Amazeballs level

X Drake: Despite the disappointing showing within Wano, I still enjoy Drake’s design, theme, personality, and am looking forward to more interactions for him in the future as I hope he will be appearing again at some point. I’d like to see a more fleshed out story (like a retelling from the Barrels Pirates/ young Drake’s perspective with a dash of Law and Roci). His role in Wano was just too lackluster to not get some redemption in a future arc tbh (and I’ve been hoping for that for a while now…) And Drake’s crew? Can we get some names / clearer designs … please???

Law: Law’s great and honestly, I don’t need to see any more of him at this point. If he left the manga and never returned, I’d be satisfied with everything we’ve seen of him up to this point (crew info included). I really enjoy his character.

Luffy: He’s never disappointed and makes me laugh a lot basically.

Zoro: One of my actual top faves here. I’d like to see a little more genuine happiness out of Zoro tho for all his cool badassery.

Still great

Kidd: I liked Kidd’s showing at Wano, especially the fact that we now know that he’s capable of showing genuine care and concern for his crew members—that’s he’s not entirely just out here busting head and taking names and that’s all there is to his personality. We’ve seen the majority of his crew too so there’s not much left I want to know about.

Killer: Killer is also pretty cool—a bit cooler now that we’ve gotten a face reveal FINALLY—and he’s a respectable fighter. If anything, I’d like to see a little on where Kid and Killer are from.

Bonney: Bonney has always been interesting to me and has had a good deal of mystery surrounding her that I really hope we will be getting some understanding of now that she’s literally dropped out of the air.


Bege: I like Bege’s design and the fact that he has a family that he holds dear / will show a softer side to them, but that aside, he doesn’t really strike me as too interesting.

Blackbeard: I like Blackbeard as a villain and his personality is sort of interesting, but there’s still a lot we don’t know about him and it doesn’t work in a positive way for me. He’s just Meh right now.

Hawkins: Hawkins’ ability is pretty cool and in the beginning when he was more vicious that was nice, but that aside I’m really not much interested in him at all. Meh.

Apoo: He has some funny moments and I like his design, but I don’t understand what his goal was in allying with Kaido before he proceeded to solely become interested in saving his own skin which wasn’t the best look to me in a manga where working together usually turns out more favorably in a fair amount of instances. I mean, he still managed to survive, but what was the point of it all? What’s his end goal?? I could care less where he goes or what he does after Wano tho so meh.

Characters who changed nothing by existing

Urouge: We haven’t see anything in ages so I’ll place him here.
Interesting takes from everyone :)

As far as characters go, I voted BB as my least favorite because he's quite a hate sink which actually makes him a good villain /more or less properly developed character. So maybe in the poll I should've voted for a character I couldn't care less, which in my case is Uroge.

As for the ones I liked - my top would have Law who is really cool, and Bege who really grew on me and I want to see more of him.

I want to see more of Bonney and X Drake.

Apoo & Hawkins should disappear.

Neutral to the rest, and think it's not fair to compare Luffy & Zoro aka main characters to them, they're like in a special category (also, I'm a Sanji fan, so maybe there's that too XD).
Drake is dead:josad:
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@Fuckthis3 Very little love for wapoo :josad:
Luffy/Zoro(When luffy annoys me)
Zoro/Luffy(When he annoys me)



Urouge and Bonney have the potential to rise given that we've gotten so little of them, but for the rest, I doubt they'll change. Urouge especially, I want to put him higher cause he seems like he has a personality I might end up enjoying a lot, but right now, there's not really a lot there.