Theory Rayleigh at god valley with Roger

Now we can say it wasn't just Roger and garp but the entire Roger pirates that fought rocks pirates, I can see it going down like this

Roger and garp vs rock
Rayleigh vs whitebeard
Gaban vs big mom
Who ever was under gaban in power fought kaido
Rest of crew fought the others , can't wait until oda expandes on God valley
The only thing that would make sense is certain members from Roger’s crew fighting Rocks’ crew while other veteran Marines like Sengoku or Tsuru backed Garp up

I wonder why they weren’t mentioned though

They obviously didn’t fight alone

i think garp did fight whitebeard alone.
‘In marineford arc, whitebeard gone crazy when garp punch Marco . Whitebeard say he is just old man even Whitebeard himself is old man.

I think rayleigh fight Shiki .
Now that you put it that way I even forgot about shiki
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I got spoiler from glim red that it was Roger an ray who found Shanks on God valley
It was never ambiguous, it says pirates not a pirate

There were also other marines, also whitebeard most likely helped roger and garp
also kaido didnt have his fruit and whitebeard most likely didnt have his fruit yet
Yes, Kaidou was a rookie and it looks like he took his fruit on the same day, either before the fight or after it...
Things would hardly have turned out as it did if Kaidou had been in his prime...
Of course.

Roger, Rayleigh, Garp, Bogard-or-some kind of subordinate like that, etc
Rocks, Shiki, John whatever, Big Mom?, etc
(Exclude WB & Kaido, iirc from Kaido flashback)

Note: WB needed 2 years after God Valley incident to get stronger to match Roger Pirates & even need Oden.

So with the addition of Garp, Rocks can be defeated while WB & Kaido (Kaido still not top Tier) didnt take a part.