Versus Battle Rayquaza (Pokemon) vs Kaidou


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This forum is retarded.
Using Horizons anime scaling:
Rekkuza wins in all ways. Outmatching two terrastallized S-tier pokemon. And this was just a skin Rekkuza.

No human should be able to beat Rekkuza.
Kaido might get mid diffed here, especially in R2.
R1 it might be ED-draw.


Feats from both the anime as well as the games themselves should be okay for this thread since both of them are all part of one franchise, maybe?

But the events in the anime and games are treated completely separate from one another and none of the events from the games are references in the anime (and vice versa).

Rayquazas AP/DC is so much better (as shown by other posters) it offsets whatever Durability advantage Kaido may have, so Rayquaza 10/10 times.