Spoiler Record Of Ragnarok Anime Official Trailer 2

The animation looks pretty solid. Unlike a lot of these new shit tier anime where the animation is lazy, awkward, and uninspired, this at least looks okay. But I’m not convinced that this is something I’ll watch, the art in the manga is already superb and the anime doesn’t look like it’ll add that much.

I know it’s a cliche to say this, but Record of Ragnarok really needed a studio like the one that did OPM season 1 for its anime if they really wanted to capture the visual flare of the manga.

But we’ll see. Looks solid enough so far I guess.
I know many people are waiting to see Adam Vs Zeus but I personally can't wait to see Sasaki Kojiro Vs Poseidon. Especially the moment when he stops the waves by just drawing out his sword and his eternal rival declares him unparallel under the heavens.
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also, I think 3D animation would suit this manga more. Something like Kengan Ashura.