Record of Ragnarok Chapter 67 & 68 Spoilers Thread


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@BangOO🍅 i got spoiled by your spoiler tag but i didn't even read the alert so can't blame anyone lol. Dropped RoR since Buddha's fight and planned to read in one go (in hope for reaching Odin's turn). Let's see what happened so far lol.
You will be waiting until Luffy finds the One Piece, in that case, mate. :kawak:

Well, sad and interesting backstory for Beel confirmed. @Light D Lamperouge :pepebusi:

If his wanting to die has to do with his past as the Lord of the Flies, this match is totally gonna be the reverse of Jack vs Hercules (where a God died to save the soul of evil), with this one having a human dying to save the soul of evil. :pepehawk:

Nice knowing you, Tesla. :peperain:

Adam 🍎

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Nikola Tesla sa ušima vesla hahahahah
It is a saying here that means - Nikola Tesla swims with his ears

and in that pannel he is hiding his ears

Adam 🍎

Pretty Boy
IMO this fight will be about the potential of humanity.

Tesla represents progress, a new age for humanity, a height we can strive towards. He makes machines and technology that benefits humanity

Beelzebub on other hand represents stagnation and decadence of humanity, He uses technology to make monsters, demons and tools of destruction

Tesla will lose ofc, it is always easier to tear something town that to make it.

But i feel like by the end Beelzebub will have a new found respect for humanity