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Due to Leonidas and Gailel's gutsy counterattack, the beautiful sun god Apollo finally suffered great damage and fell to the ground...
The nymphs in the audience are in tears and in disbelief when they see Apollo's disfigured appearance, but on the other hand, the humans in the audience are excited, and the Spartan warriors proudly chant the name of Sparta..​

Hilde and Ger are also very excited, but the one who is the most excited is Hlokk who was watching Jack and the fight!
Hlokk jumps up and down with joy, but Jack comments that the Spartan warriors with their tremendous mental strength and strong bodies are truly terrifying, but Hlokk is dissatisfied with this and says that it's not just the Spartans who are amazing. The 13th Sister is the scariest of all, Geirelle, and her older sister pokes Jack, telling him to admire Geirelle's strength.
I have never seen my older sister break down when she gets angry, and she is said to be reliable!
Hlokk seems to have a lot of respect for Geirerl, and even though she says that, she is probably worried as well, telling her to do her best and praying for victory with a solemn look on her face.
There's definitely a part of me that doesn't want to lose another sister, and a part of me that just wants to believe in nothing but victory...
However, that trust seems to be absolute...​

Leonidas and Gailel are also looking at Apollo's behavior as if they are in trouble, but it is only natural that Apollo will not die at that rate, and they will stand up. I'm trying to...
However, perhaps the damage is too great, and I can't get up...​

Apollo was finally able to look up, but his beautiful face was marked with a huge scar that would never go away!
What's more, he's still shaking, and just when he looks up, he collapses again...
The nymphs are turning pale and crying because they can't watch anymore... If something like this happened in front of their favorite idols, the female fans would lose their min and there was even a possibility that a riot would break out. Leonidas also senses the atmosphere and perhaps he has some concern for Apollo as well, so he approaches Apollo while telling him stay asleep and not expose his unseemly appearance...​

As if such concerns were unnecessary, Apollo stood up on his own, exposed the wounds he ha received as if he were proud of them, and asked Leonidas the same question as before...
You will understand...
The person I am now, who is burning my soul and fighting just to defeat the most beautiful thing...
What Apollo is trying to say is that it's not his physical appearance, but his spirituality, and he thinks that Leonidas should understand that...
Also, those words certainly seem to have pierced Leonidas' heart...
He seems confused by the unexpected words...​

Apollo's spirituality was conveyed to Leonidas, but it doesn't seem to be conveyed to the mediocre gods in the audience, so they shoot each other head-on like idiots and curse at each other, thinking that they don't know what they're doing
Ares overhears this and gets angry at him for saying something selfish, but Hermes laughs and says that he really likes Apollo... Ares does his best to deny it, but he says that it's not like Apollo is ignorant. Well, even Zeus declares that there is no god who knows men better than Apollo...

From here on Apollo's past...
The temple dedicated to Apollo is engraved with Apollo's words, "Know thyself," but the people of ancient Greece understood these words to mean "Lower humans should know their own worth."
People believed that this was a commandment from the almighty God who rules over many things, but the true meaning is completely the opposite!
From now on, we will talk about an episode that confirms this and clearly reveals Apollo's spirituality...​

Once upon a time, a monster called Python appeared in the land of Delphi...​

Python was banished from heaven because of his strange appearance, and he often attacked human villages... The elite troops under Ares set out to subjugate them, but Python was overwhelmingly strong and was defeated...
As this happened over and over again, Python went on a rampage and became feared and hated by humans...
Well, it's natural for him to be hated, but there's something charming about Python, and at this point I can kind of understand why he goes on a rampage...
He must have been fighting his own battle in an unreasonable world where people are discriminated against based on their appearance...One
day, Apollo appears to subjugate Python.
Python doesn't like Apollo's arrogant attitude and the beautiful face of Apollo, which is completely different from his own, so he attacks as usual to get revenge, but he is knocked down with one blow!​

Python realizes that Apollo is a difficult opponent for him, but in order to protect his pride, he tries to challenge Apollo again, saying he hasn't lost yet.
Apollo accepts this with a smile, but then tells him that he will continue tomorrow and steals Python's bed and goes to sleep... From the next day, Python challenges Apollo every day, and each time he is defeated, but Python never gives up... Apollo asks why he keeps trying so hard, but Python replies... I have always been hated and persecuted for no reason... It's the same in heaven and on earth...
It's because I was born a monster and I look like this! Python says this with tears in his eyes, and shouts out that he can never lose to you, who was born with everything!
Apollo mutters one word to that, saying it's beautiful...Python gets angry and tells him not to make fun of him, but Apollo says he doesn't make fun of him!
I don't care about your appearance... What's beautiful is your current being... You who face yourself and fight with your soul burning are so beautiful...
Apollo says you and I are the same...
At first, Apollo was an ordinary god who had nothing...
The god of effort who grasped everything through blood-splashing effort and became an all-powerful god!​

As a result, the human pillars of the Twelve Gods of Olympus came to be called Apollo, the Sun God, and Apollo taught Python that they were the same...
Apollo says that those who are not beautiful are those who are satisfied with the present and do not take care of themselves...
Those who know themselves know what they lack, what they are weak in, and are not afraid to change...
Those who know themselves should be proud of their own beauty!
Apollo showed Python the way to realize his own beauty and be proud of it...
What is this?
He's very persuasive and has some good things to say!
That's right, that's right, it was like that!
Honestly, I love you so much!
I can't help but think that Python was probably the same way...
Python sheds tears and regrets his sins, but Apollo says that he may have to fight to protect himself, and that it may be the gods' job to stop it before it becomes a war. I'll leave it to you to say that if Python repents of his sins, he must become the guardian deity of Delphi from now on...
Also, when Apollo says he's going home after enjoying his vacation, Python seems to have vowed that he won't lose again and the two part ways.
From then on, Python lived with the people of Delphi, built a temple to honor Apollo, and seems to have carved the words "Know thyself"...​

Because you know yourself, you can surpass yourself...
That is the strength of Apollo, the almighty god of effort...!
To be honest, like Leonidas, I didn't like Apollo, but as I wrote earlier, I've grown to love Apollo this time!
Apollo describes today as beautiful, the future as more than yesterday, tomorrow as more than today, and the attitude of living only looking ahead as beautiful, but this is something humans should never forget!
I felt like Apollo's lines were being said to me, and they struck a deep chord with me, and the same goes for Leonidas.
Apollo once again declared that he would fight to become more beautiful than yesterday and today...
It's so annoying...but I'm screaming that I love it!
By liking him, I mean that he accepted Apollo's spirituality, which was in line with the spirit of Sparta, and because he liked him, Leonidas once again faced Apollo, saying that he would kill him with all his might with murderous intent.
The two of them now understand each other's spirituality, see it as something beautiful, and fight based on that, which has a completely different meaning than before!
I think the fight between the two has turned into a proud duel where they respect each other!

Apollo also replied that Leonidas's blow earlier was beautiful, and furthermore, as two people who share the same spirituality, there is only one thing to do in this arena...
Apollo urges them to restart the battle so that they can burn their souls to their heart's content.​


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Apollo's backstory.

He's a God that was nothing special but through his efforts reached his current status.

He doesn't dislike humans or think of them as trash. That was misunderstood.

His encounter with the Python

A monster named Python was shunned in Valhalla because he is ugly, So he went down to Earth and go on a rampage

Ares' Troops failed to defeat him so they send Apollo instead

Apollo defeated Python in a single punch, But Python won't give up sinve he don't wanna lose to The Perfect Apollo who is like an opposite of himself

Apollo is willing to let Python challenge him every single day, Which Python loses every time

Apollo said that Python who always stand back up every time he was defeated is very beautiful, but Python see this as Apollo ridiculed him, Apollo said that he isn't

Apollo think him and Python are the same, Back then Apollo wasn't a particular impressive god or anything, But because of immeasurable efforts he put in training and improving himself, That make him the way he is

"Know yourself, Know your own shortcoming, Has the courage to comfront them, and put in the efforts to overcome those shortcoming. These are where true beauty lies" Apollo said

Python is very captivated by Apollo's word and stop rampaged, Then Apollo asked Python to became a Guardian of Delphi, Which he agreed

Python carved the word "Know Thyself" onto the temple of Apollo, But humans percieved those word as "Know your place, Trash" even though that couldn't be more wrong​

Light D Lamperouge

π•Ώπ–π–Š π•°π–“π–‘π–Žπ–Œπ–π–™π–Šπ–“π–Šπ–‰ π•Ίπ–“π–Š
I ain't caught up but Apollo sounds pretty cool. I sure hope he wins against Kapetanios Ameriki. :pepelit:
He will. It's Wapollo SZN. :endthis:

So Apollo is basically a Gigachad? But a good one?
Basically yes lol. Tho I remember some guidebooks, if those were real, saying that Apollo is a bit bipolar and stuff, so we'll see I guess.