Powers & Abilities Respect Jogo

Oh boy am I about to go off here.
First of all, I've been seeing a lot of group Jogo in with Dagon or put him below Mahito when:

Jogo also stated during Shibuya that he only respected Mahito because of his potential, not his strength.
We've also seen Mahito, Hanami, and Dagon struggle with Grade 1 sorcerers (Todo, Nanami, Ittadori) while Jogo:
That sorcerer in thee last panel? Naobito Zen'in?
He's the head of the Zen'in family and the supreme Grade 1 sorcerer. AKA the strongest Grade 1 Sorcerer.

Last but not least:

I would argue that, based on speed feats and curse techniques (domain expansion and maximum meteor), Jogo would actually defeat Toji mid-high diff.
All this is much later then I’m aware. But from I saw from him against Gojo. I’d assume he’s a B lister
He has bad luck due to
1) Fighting Gojo, the strongest character in the series
and (spoilers)
2) Fighting 15 finger Sukuna

He looks weaker in these fights because both of his opponents are literally top-top tier.

The one time we see him against anyone else he literally one shots three of the strongest grade 1 sorcerers (one of them is THE strongest grade 1 sorcerer) back to back. It's also implied that he's stronger than all of the other curses in the cursed group; the only one I can maybe see an argument for is Mahito.